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IVORY BLUE is a Kansas City based singer/songwriter and producer whose music is a passionate fusion of full-bodied rock with a dash of pop hooks and a healthy dose of swagger. Ivory is an artist dedicated to breaking down barriers and defying staid conventions. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, They began refining their performance style, using digital looping to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage. Giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, IVORY settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics. In 2017, IVORY entered NeXt2Rock, a nationwide talent competition with over 1800 artists/bands. The top 5 national winners battled it off for the win in Los Angeles CA at the legendary Viper Room where IVORY BLUE walked away with a one- year record deal with BMLG.


Ivory is currently working with Lester Estelle (Drummer for Kelly Clarkson), Craig Kew (Bass) KC, Kurt Festge (Mastering | Citizen Kane & Vilent Femmes) NC. and Nick Poortman (LA based Los Angeles based Producer, Engineer, Mixer, and Songwriter) Nick has worked alongside producers including Justin Gray, Gil Norton, Big Tank, and Greg Haver on sessions throughout the USA, UK, Europe, and New Zealand.


IVORY BLUE released the track ‘FAMILY TABLES’ on Sept 7th, 2021, and is currently finishing  their first debut full length album ‘COMPOUND LOVE’ to be released in 2021, as well as the ‘RED LIGHT’ EP for 2022.  ... READ MORE

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