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A free-spirited musician with a penchant for crafting tender, often haunting alt-rock anthems, IVORY BLUE has become one of the most expressive artists of their time. With a life cloaked in hardship, their sound has become an honest and wonderfully raw exploration of the struggles and pains that make us. While previous singles like ‘Half a Life’, ‘Family Tables’ and ‘Good Changes’ announced IVORY BLUE as a unique force in music, ‘Heavy’ finds them at their undeniable best.

Born in Illinois and raised in Indiana, IVORY BLUE was originally given the name Devin Miclette, but their journey truly began when they were given up for adoption at the tender age of four. After going through multiple foster homes, they were finally adopted into a family five years later but were unable to settle. Feeling forced to run away, IVORY BLUE left home at the age of fifteen and has been travelling ever since.

A free spirit and confessed vagabond, IVORY BLUE started writing music at the age of fourteen, creating a unique alt-rock sound that was layered with pop influences and echoes of classic singer-songwriter sounds. After starting performances in coffee shops and small venues, they immediately captured the hearts of young and old with ingeniously composed songs and powerful lyrics that are driven by painful life stories that relate to so many.

Titled ‘Heavy’, the new single is a gorgeous representation of IVORY BLUE’s sound, capturing a heartfelt, emotive sound that calls out to you with a flurry of stark, acoustic tones and synth-laden pop hooks. A song that looks to break the isolation of the recent pandemics, ‘Heavy’ is ever-present and deeply personal, creating a sound that will resonate deeply within you.

IVORY BLUE explained of the new single, “‘Heavy’ is about being there for someone that has been through a hard time. It’s for anyone that has felt the weight of the world on their shoulders. This song means that you aren’t alone and that the weight you bear can be shared with the people that love you and care for you.”

Set for release on the 14th of December 2021, ‘Heavy’ arrives in the wake of IVORY BLUE’s highly anticipated debut full-length album, ‘Compound Love’, which will be released in January 2022, followed by a new EP, ‘Red Light’, which is slated for release in June of 2022

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