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A talented and wonderfully free-spirited musician, IVORY BLUE has spent the last few years proving their talents with a string of undeniable singles. From the tender and haunting ‘Half a Life’ and ‘Family Tables’ to the unparalleled beauty and heartache of ‘Heavy’, IVORY BLUE has bravely put their very soul to music, and now with the upcoming release of debut album ‘Compound Love’, they’ve proved why they’re one of the most poignant and powerful artists of our time.

Born in Illinois and raised in Indiana, IVORY BLUE was originally given the name Devin Miclette, but their journey truly began when they were given up for adoption at the tender age of four. After going through multiple foster homes, they were finally adopted into a family five years later but were unable to settle. Feeling forced to run away, IVORY BLUE left home at the age of fifteen and has been travelling ever since.

A free spirit and confessed vagabond, IVORY BLUE started writing music at the age of fourteen, creating a unique alt-rock sound that was layered with pop influences and echoes of classic singer-songwriter sounds. After starting performances in coffee shops and small venues, they immediately captured the hearts of young and old with ingeniously composed songs and powerful lyrics that are driven by painful life stories that relate to so many.

For their new album, the highly anticipated ‘Compound Love’, IVORY BLUE has brought together all of their most affecting life stories and experiences, creating a brave, biographical release that tackles pain, anxiety, and rejection. Alongside familiar singles such as ‘Heavy’ and ‘Good Changes’, the new album shines a light on several original compositions, delivering a heartfelt, emotive sound that calls out to you with effortless acoustic tones and synth-laden pop hooks. On ‘Compound Heart’ and ‘It Must’ve Been Me’, IVORY BLUE delivers some of their most poetic and expressive lines, while elsewhere on ‘Bad Weather’ and ‘Tidal Waves’, there is a joyous, triumphant sound that rises from the ashes, proving that through all the hardships, there is new life to be found.

Speaking candidly of the new album, IVORY BLUE explained, “The songs on my album ‘Compound Love’ summarize life stories of what I’ve experienced throughout my life up until now. Living with the pain of anxiety caused by rejection, constant judgment from family and people I’ve met, but finding an inner peace of knowing these things don’t define me and that I’m stronger for standing tall in the light of all that’s happened.”

Set for release on the 25th of February 2022, ‘Compound Love’ promises to be one of the most pivotal and poignant releases of the year, delving deep into a world of human emotions and inner turmoil to create something of true power and promise. Connect with IVORY BLUE - LinkTree

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