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Atlanta based Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing ink deal with Hip Hop duo THAKUR

One of Atlanta’s most impressive indie labels, Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing have just added another powerful act to their roster, signing a two-single deal with the hip-hop duo THAKUR. Comprised of Memphis native and Atlanta based, Marrio Marshall AKA Big Yo, and New York-born, New Orleans raised, Toni Hickman, THAKUR are bound to make their mark, and with Sound Ballistics, they’re in good hands.

While Big Yo and Toni have already made their mark on the industry THAKUR has set the hip-hop world ablaze, and all eyes are firmly fixed on their first single, ‘Daylight’, which is set for release on the 30th of November this year. Speaking of the new signing, the head of Sound Ballistics Ben Baeumert was quick to express his excitement, saying, “We had been in ongoing communication with Marrio and his company Marshall Law Productions for a long time. When himself and Toni joined forces to form THAKUR and we heard some of their work, it was pretty much a no-brainer to offer a deal.” While a fan of Marrio’s previous work and his stellar skills both as a rapper and producer, Ben says that Toni’s performance on the song Rising Phoenix sealed the deal for him. Released for the Netflix documentary of the same name, Toni’s performance won her an Emmy for her singing, songwriting, and rapping, earmarking her as one of the biggest up and coming musical talents hiphop has to offer. Separately, Marrio and Toni have set the standard in modern hip-hop, but together, they have the potential to change the game entirely. Currently hard at work in the studio, THAKUR are busy refining their upcoming releases with Sound Ballistics, while negotiations are already underway for the release of a full album later down the line. For now, though, we’re all eagerly waiting on the release of ‘Daylight’ later this month.

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